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As part of the “within 3 hours of CDA” theme….I took a day trip to Lewiston to knock off another bucket list…camp at winery/vineyard. What a great weekend adventure! When you daytrip to Lewiston(/Clarkston), let me know what you did…I think the options are amazing!!!!

The campout was at Lindsey Creek Winery Check out that blog, coming next!!!! But before I got there….

Since I was camping, I packed up Bitsy and off we went! I am embarrassed to say that I found out Bitsy has even more technology bells and whistles than I knew…it only took me 4 years….redonculous. But good to know. Excuse the weaving on Hwy 95 as I played with all of the options and found buttons I didn’t know existed…Can I just say I love my Cascade Camper for weekend adventures like this one!

Rolling down 95 in the springtime is an adventure in itself….the Palouse is just getting green due to our late spring, a color of green I was trying to name…viridian, malachite, emerald…verde…wait that’s a chili. Well, you tell me. All of those shades are present and accounted for!

After slowing down slightly for Moscow I made it to Lewiston in pretty good time…or rather I made it to the top of the grade in record time. First decision of the day…do the regular Hwy 95 grade and have lots of negotiating roam to drive AND enjoy the sweeping views…OR take the historical spiral highway down. Tight curves, adrenaline pumping, because I’m still looking at the sweeping views while taking the curves….Yep! Spiral Hwy it is. Made it!

Hells Gate Park: A bit of reconnaissance of the campground to see how big the sites are for a campout later this summer. Hmmmm…going to be tighter than I thought. I will worry about that later. They were having a memorial service for a park member so the park was full and I didn’t linger long out of respect. But I did check out some great spots to put the kayak in…it’s a beautiful campground, right on the river. We will be launching from here in June with Snake River Adventures to jet boat…stay tuned for that.

I suppose it is fine I didn’t have time to linger, I need to get out to Rivaura Winery for the member party for the wine IS after noon now! This Sightseeing Tipsy Gypsy is thirsty!! I wandered through Lewiston and I see a few eateries that look interesting, a few thrift stores that look fun, but I plod on. Downtown area looks fun. Passed by the Clearwater River Casino…a friend’s mom won over $1MM there…makes me want to stop. No time on this trip. Nez Perce Lewis & Clark, Spaldings. So much history to wander around here too. I have visited this site many times, one time right after I had read Sacajawea by Anna Lee Waldo (recommend) for the maybe 3rd time and it really hits home how much history has wandered through our great state of Idaho. Oh, and lucky we are we don’t have such rough winters we have to eat our leather shoes like they did. Sheesh. Now I am really looking forward to the pizza and wine.

Made it to Juliaetta and it is a beautiful place where Rivaura Winery sits. When we visit the tasting room in CDA and look at the pics, we know how pretty it is, but as usual, pics don’t do it justice. Did I mention that last week it was 45 degrees in CDA and today in Lewiston and Juliaetta it is 93 degrees? Whew…taking some adjustment. It is all I can do not to wade into that river. I mean seriously, look at those pictures. Hmmm..maybe next time.

As a member I was allowed down to the downstairs level, greeted by everyone and given a library tasting of some of their delicious wine. A 2018, 2019 and 2020 of their Cabernet Sauvignon…Oh my. I am in heaven…and they serve with unlimited fire pizza. A dozen different options, something for everyone! Live music was playing, kids were playing. A fantastic way to spend the day. The family and team wandered around to visit with everyone, it is such a welcoming destination…go check it out.

Reece Hewett stopped by to say hi..we had met in the CDA spot. I am thinking I will work with their events coordinator to see if I can send anyone over in June that does not want to do the Jet boat to enjoy the wine. Cheers! He discovered I was staying in the area so he recommended Sauté on 6th and Hogans to try out in Clarkston. As a matter of fact, the ladies and I tried Sauté on 6th when we came and stayed in Lewiston/Clarkston for a golf weekend. It was truly fabulous. I will write up a blog on that weekend. Stay tuned. But if you are in Clarkston for the evening…surely go there.

Ironically, we discovered Rivaura Winery and my next stop, Lindsey Creek Winery on that very trip and it was a staff member at LCW that sent us there the first time. BUT it looks like I have another destination to try now..Hogans. I am on it!

I think it is high time thought to wander to Lindsey Creek Winery and find out where I will be using my Harvest Host camping membership for the first time…see how this really works.

Zoom zoom. But wait! My GPS is taking me the other way….towards Lapwai….and up a very steep dirt road. I’ll show you where it goes…..

Coming next…Sleeping in a winery….

For all pics and videos and what-not, please click on the FB and Instagram links. Thanks for hanging with me! If you go to any of these places, please tell them the Sightseeing Tipsy Gypsy send you! What’s on your bucket list?

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May 06, 2023

The trip we took there last October for our ladies golf trip was fun, it's a fun area to explore!

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