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Hang out on the Washington Coast-Birch Bay and Blaine, WA.-CHECK!

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

My trip to one of my most favorite Worldmark condos (Gleneden Beach) was canceled on me. Apparently they frown on it when the condo sitting on the bluff starts sliding toward the ocean. Closed for construction and erosion control. Bummer.

My very first (and only) truly solo trip was on my 51st Birthday week to Gleneden Beach and I had all of my spots mapped out for my 2nd solo trip during my 54th birthday week. I could either cancel or find a new adventure. So Blaine, WA and Birch Bay here I come! The only coastal spot left after they had to cancel thousands of reservations. Why not check that Vancouver BC trip off my list (another blog) and traveling to another country by myself (same blog. lol.) and adventure to Blaine and Birch Bay? By the way, I also thought I would get clam digging off my list, topped with someone building a bonfire for me and cooking them as they hand me glass of nice wine. Any takers? LOL. Missed the season by 2 days. I guess I have to try that one again another time.

I put it out there about Blaine on Facebook...and got positive public recommendations to go...and a BUNCH of secretive IM saying NO! Don't go! It's a mud bog! Maybe I am just too flexible...but I am surely glad I came. This is what I found....


The drive is pretty easy from HQ CDA...only about 6.5 hours...I did meander a bit.

I went directly to the Worldmark Birch Bay. ( The 3rd Worldmark I have stayed in during the last 3 weeks...truly the most cheerful and helpful staff greeted me. Manger is Ashlie, I was early for check in. No problem. I asked for an upgraded condo to look at the bay while I worked. No problem, one was available and ready! Armed with wristband and discounts I got myself settled in. It's amazing how I can move into a place in 10 minutes as if I have lived there for 5 years. I continue to realize that my once good idea of a tiny house would not have worked at all! :)

I wandered across the street (based on Staff recommendation and discount) and had dinner at Bay Breeze, (www.baybreezerestaurantandbar.com_) conveniently located across the street, right on the bay! Again, I found friendly staff. I asked for a spot by the window to watch the bay and all of the beachcombers as the tide was out. No problem! Ordered a pound of clams...truly amazing and would recommend. Some of the best I have had, but very rich and a good sharing plate. Didn't find a single empty shell. Coming from Idaho, that is just kind of weird. Took some some clam chowder home for breakfast..don't be a hater. When in Rome....

Loved the locals...watched a fellow next to me...respectfully up there in years, pull out his binoculars and keep an eye on what the outgoing tide was revealing. Snapped a photo of him, made my heart smile.

Snuggled in for the night...not a happening party spot on a Tuesday. Paid for only SMDH at Worldmark...making us pay for wifi...I probably won't ever stop...just a bone of contention... and watched movies until I crashed while enjoying a local wine.

Wednesday: Check out the Vancouver blog. Only managed to check one thing off my list. I will be back! Held up at customs by my epic fail of going into a country by myself. Oops. Try again.

Thursday: BORING. Well, it poured rain and I had promised to catch up on my blog. So there you have it! Comfy clothes, comfy slippers, great food from Granville Island in Vancouver...I had picked up homemade mushroom ravioli, Mushroom sauce, homemade rosemary bread, local cambozola cheese...happy happy happy.


What! Change of plans! Not pouring rain as predicted all week! Sunshine! So much for working on the blog!

Wandered over to Semiahmoo Park and Resort ( to check it out on the little spit...jut big enough to build a road out there. Fascinating how they build like that! Park and beach was cool...lots of shells. Grabbed a video of a blue heron fishing..and caught him catching a fish. The resort was can see Blaine across the bay and also a city called White Rock , BC. I got another angle of Peace Arch Park. Since it was closed I have to be content with random far away photos. I tried to get into the spa, why not? Yea no. Booked out 4 weeks. I guess that is one of the things paying guests do. Two awesome restaurant options out there, but not open until off to Blaine I go.

Tried Drayton Harbor Oyster Company in Blaine for lunch after walking around the quaint town. Everybody is so very friendly! I walked in and said I didn't like what? Shrimp tacos it is! Wow! Simply amazing. You can't really escape fried seafood over here, but good Lord, why would you want to? Probably the best shrimp tacos I have ever had. Everyone out in the sunshine were eating oysters and raving...I should have probably tried a fried one at least...that raw thing is just not going to happen. EVER. They are local...and they actually look.....good. You could have the fried oysters in a variety of ways...savory, blue cheese/bacon, curry, etc. I have never seen such a thing. Educated today I am. Enjoyed the view, crows landing next to me...there are a LOT of crows over here...and a HUGE, I mean robin sized hummingbird, just buzzed all of the outdoor tables. I kid you not. The patrons are still chuckling, a little uncomfortably, like WTH was that? Sunshine, shrimp tacos and a Terramar Amber. (From Terramar Brewstillery in Bow, WA) Well, call me fat, happy and sassy. Stop here if you are coming through...or make a point of it.

More walking around, checking out the beach. The tide comes in during the pretty when you first wake up...then goes out so you do get to look at the mud during the day. However, lots of dog walkers and beachcombers, pretty fun.

Late dinner that night at Bay Breeze, just the traditional Caesar salad with a little more clam chowder. For women who are uncomfortable dining along, let me tell you, don't be! When you walk into a restaurant alone, for the first few seconds the staff appears to be flustered and a little confused. But then mama/papa bear instincts fall in to place and you won't be able to read that book you brought. Instead, you will be inundated with attention as they make sure your solo experience is wonderful. Sorry guys, I sense you do not get the same attention..or maybe you do? Maybe that is why guys don't fret about dining alone? Huh.

This was such a cozy place to hang out (check out the indoor/outdoor pool) I was almost reluctant to leave, but leave I did. On the way I stopped at Bellewood Farms and Distillery in Lynden, WA for breakfast.

Before you get too judgy about me having breakfast at a distillery..let's just say you have to go check out this place. Thank you is because of the coupons that go with my wristband that made me go. Awesome cafe, cute store, and again, inundated with attention. Turns out one of the staff saw my license plate and had spent a lot of time growing up in CDA, she came out of the kitchen and spent most of my breakfast chatting with me. I never did get her name, but hopefully she sees this some day. Two thumbs up!

Technically the distillery was not open, but of course they sent someone back to give me some taste tests....I managed to come home with a coffee vodka for a friend's birthday and a raspberry vodka to add to summer courtyard mixers. All of these are made on site and they say they are the first apple distillery in Washington. With a tasty breakfast in my belly, a car full of gift store gifts and newly discovered apple vodka...I hit the road.

What a fun trip...mud bog. Pfft.

For all pics and videos and what-not, please click on the FB and Instagram links. Thanks for hanging with me! If you go to any of these places, please tell them the Sightseeing Tipsy Gypsy send you! What’s on your bucket list?

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