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Red rover...

Red rover...let this COVID be over!

Sorry for the delay on the finale but I picked up a little souvenir on the plane ride home. The dreaded RONA... and my first official case. Those darn test sticks went positive faster than my pregnancy tests. Dammit.

Of the four of us I was the only one to pick this up so that's a win!

Yay! However, I have to stop bragging that I've never had it before. And it's not fun.

What a bummer. Pretty sure it was the twenty-something young man next to me using me as a pillow on the last flight home and sneezing his head off. I thought it was adorable. At the time. Pfft.

I promise I will catch up. I have so much to tell you about those last three days! Stay tuned!

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1 Comment

Jul 27, 2023

Well as your fellow traveler-- there was no grace for anyone involved-- but yes glad we saw it-- Thanks for taking us there!😀

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