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When drinking thirteen glasses of wine is classy in North Idaho......

Updated: May 16, 2023

Soooo many things to do in North Idaho where we live.  Some require spontaneity and some require good old fashioned planning ahead, and reservations ten months out on average. Good thing our friend Carolyn is organized and got eight seats eight months ago and invited several of us to join!

So if you're in the mood for a limo ride and a thirteen course meal paired with thirteen perfect wine compliments... AND two intermissions that also involve a glass of wine.... Do you know what I'm talking about?

I can already sense several of you jumping up-and-down shouting Candle in the Woods!  or Chef Dave! or I've been there!   or I'd like to go there!  For those of you who haven't been for a while or have never been...this is what you will experience.

First of all take the limo ride.  Period.    It is so much cheaper than a DUI.  And if the company is called DYDA, LLC... as Dave jokes, you know he means it.  It is Drive Your Drunk Ass home.  You can also celebrate on the way there and on the way back with your beverage of choice.

So get picked up in the limo and get driven out to the exciting town of Athol.  I will leave all explanations of this to Chef Dave.  Let's just say you get a dinner and a show.   :)

You are welcomed by staff and they take your handbags and jackets out of the way because you will not need them. But keep your phones!  There are some beautiful food and wine visual art pairings coming your way that you are going to want to take pics of.

You are escorted upstairs to the game room and if you have someone in your party that cannot do the stairs you can step out onto the back patio where they have several heaters and fire pits to keep you comfy.   The patio is where you will spend your intermissions as well and it is very cozy and welcoming.

Upstairs... while you're waiting for dinner to begin you can meet the other guests you will be dining with, unless you've managed the score the entire  table of 14 all to yourself. I think the room outside of the big family style table will seat around sixteen to twenty.    You mingle and play games (and sip on some yummy sangria)

and wait for Chef Dave to come up and welcome you and explain how the evening is going to go.

When the dinner bell rings the first time everyone is polite and steps back to allow folks to make their way to the table. Your seating has been arranged, don't go messing them up and changing it around,  there's a reason for it.  So there really is no rush.  However,  I noticed that when the dinner bell rang the other two times after our intermissions there's a little bit more pushing and shoving to get back to the table.  Slow down people.   Lol.

I have included the menu for you to review and you will get this at the end of the evening.   Let's just say if anything comes with a tiny tiny spoon it means something good is coming your way.

Who am I kidding? Everything is good!

I know I told you to take pictures but can I also tell you to take videos!?  I was off my game and did not get a video of the champagne bottle opening itself.  Very exciting stuff!  At the end we are asked what our favorite dish is and honestly it is very difficult to pick.  I love the tuna and avocado tartare on the icy salt slab... yes... you are allowed and even encouraged to lick that puppy clean.   My friend Linda and I were up to the task..... I am sure there is a ladylike picture floating around out there now.    Don't ever dare Linda.... many of you know of what I speak.  

But back to favorites... I also love the sea bass and the steak and the shrimp and the scallop and now you see my problem. 

This is a fun experience because you get to try foods you would never make or try at home, and it is paired with the perfect wines.  I am certainly no wine snob as the sightseeing tipsy gypsy, but I tend to stay away from anything pink.  

However, open your mind and try the pairings from the sangria that welcomes you to the rose champagne with gold dust that starts off the evening. Everything is meant to be part of the evening for a reason.  As Chef Dave states several the staff.

The staff is terrific. This is not my 1st time there and it will not be my last.  It is just very difficult to get reservations.  And it is a spendy proposition per person.   But the value? Priceless. Keep an eye on the Facebook page..... They advertise when they have cancelations and an open seat or two. Can you believe they haven't had an empty seat in three years?

It is one of the unique delights we get to experience here in North Idaho.  Whether you are just a foodie or you have something very important to celebrate,  put this on your bucket list!

For all pics and videos and what-not, please click on the FB and Instagram links. Thanks for hanging with me! If you go to any of these places, please tell them the Sightseeing Tipsy Gypsy send you! What’s on your bucket list?

@Candle in the woods

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