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Back up the bus! Day 6 in Amalfi

Back up the bus, get it?!  Lmao...I crack myself up.

I forgot to tell you about day 6 when we went to Amalfi because we got so focused on the buses meeting and telling to pass on the way.  

We didn't mean to spend the day in Amalfi, Tena was hoping to get us to Ravello...a place our friend Chuck Dean spends a lot of time in and  recommends.  It sounds beautiful and less touristy.  We heard they have regular open air concerts and were hopeful to find one.   

Transportation..... what a nightmare.   Seriously.   Something else we take for granted in the US.  The nice lady in the Positano tabacchi was more than willing to sell us bus tickets to Amalfi,  let us trudge up the hill to the bus stop,  ride to Amalfi standing up in the aisle, you already know about that trip, and then tell us to go to the tabacchi in Amalfi to get our tickets for the bus to Ravello.   And when we did, sigh,  we find out that the road to Ravello has been closed since May 1st.   I'm glad we didn't hear the full story until we were headed back  to Rome, but we heard the road had eroded and it sounds like the road got too narrow and a bus went off the edge and the bus driver was killed.  Oh no.  I guess he had just dropped off his tragic.  ☹️

Regardless, at the time, all we knew is that we could not go, so we spent the day in Amalfi.   It is a strange little place because you go up one main road and it is lined with more stalls, restaurants and cafes,  linen and ceramics. Etc.    So when in Rome,  or rather,  when in Amalfi do as the people do.   We shopped and ate.   We stopped and had a lovely lunch at and I was able to try gnocchi with gorgonzola.  Heavenly pillows indeed.    I have mastered making these at home but now I know another splendid topping to use with them.  We did keep an eye out on the bird who kept perching above us in this open air restaurant.

There is a type of mini Spanish Stairs there that are beautiful, a type of city center meeting place,  and I've included a picture here.  I didn't go into the church, it was a pretty crowded day.

Also they have the most interesting fountain in the piazza.   I feel pretty stupid because after reading that the fountains were spread all over Italy to be used as drinking fountains it didn't occur to me they were.... Well, drinking fountains.    Until I saw people drinking out of this one.  It was intriguing to see which spigot they would choose.   Which would you?

After a full day we decided to take the ferry back to Positano instead of the chaotic bus.  That is just funny. Now that we know how the ferry ride goes we know it is not any less chaotic.

Here is a hint about getting on the ferry. Now that we've tried it at time or two during our stay.   You buy your tickets and if you have a ticket they are going to get you on that ferry.   You do not have to trample small children to get there. Honest.  Even though everyone else is.  They tell you to get down on the lower level or dock at ten minutes before your ferry is supposed to dock.    Tip:   Make sure you find the board that tells everybody what the dock number is for your ferry.   They have you wait in an organized line and then as you are feeling smug for being at the beginning of the line, everyone will trample over you and push you to the side.  It is super frustrating, especially when you are trying to be polite.

I think it's the language barrier but everybody is so freaked out and cranky  about getting on the ferry.  Ironically once everybody is on board, they feed you alcohol and everybody is happy again.  By the way they act like it's free, a regular little party as they sing and start pouring.    It's not of course. $10 for the lemoncillo slushy and $5 for the beers.  After standing the line you will feel inclined. Trust me.  

After being trampled by the crowd the last thing we wanted to do was walk down through the crowds to get to the restaurants and then  back up so we stopped at our favorite mini market and bought ourselves a little feast of snacks.  

You would think we would get tired of this.....

Buon appetito!

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