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Camp in a Winery!-check!

So I was telling you about my trip to Lewiston and how I wanted to camp overnight in a Vineyard. I'm just gonna say that camping in a winery parking lot next to a vineyard is a win-win. 

I was bebopping around Lewiston and I went out to Rivaura Winery for the member party.  After I left Rivaura I decided to head towards my campground/winery, Lindsay Creek Winery. 

For some reason the gps takes you not back towards Lewiston and up the hill,  but instead it takes you back through  Lapwai.  Yeah, you are going towards Boise on 95. That's disturbing.    Then after traipsing  through the streets of Lapwai you end up on a street, check that, a dirt road, check that, a steep dirt road that leads straight up into the hills.  I posted some pictures of "the back way" so you will not be alarmed.  Proceed!

I have been to Lindsay Creek Winery before and the views are just staggering. Especially at sunset. Look at that gorgeous pic.  The staff has always been super nice and this was no exception. I wandered in and asked where it is I should park and they gave me the best advice. Ever. They said go out to the parking lot and find the really fun people and see if I can get invited to their campfire. And so I did.

I pull up,  roll down my window and say,  where should I park? And they all yell right here!   Join Us!  So I did.

Big thanks to Mary,  Lynda , Greg, Rebecca and Mike. They made my campout such a fun time. Mike actually works for one of the owners of the  winery at the mill next door.    Lynda used to work at the winery as well.  I went back into the winery to try a flight of wine after securing Bitsy in a spot close to their campfire.

Why do you ask are the locals camping out in the parking lot?  Well that is because there was an awesome blues band playing.   So we all joined at a table and listened to the best music ever thanks to the KennyJames Miller Band.   Here is their site, look them up and follow them or book them!

As we were sitting at the table Mike told me that the winery had just accomplished two metals for their chardonnay and cab franc.  Those of you who know me, know that cab franc is my favorite of all time.   Chard is a close second on a hot sunny day.  However, neither were on the menu.  Apparently they have not been released yet. Boo.

Mike was nice enough to run back and grab a bottle of the cab franc... not even labeled yet...and it was everything I hoped for.They say I have to be a wine club member to get it when it is released.  How many wine clubs does that make now?

I also got an introduction to one of the other winery owners, Art McIntosh.  He gave me a great tour of the winery but I'll put that on a separate blog where I will show you the acrobatics they had to do to get that bottle of cab franc down off the shelf where it is resting.  Let's just say I felt pretty damn special.

After the band finished playing, including the nine year old grandson (Jace) of one of the members,  we wandered back to the campfire, others joining us, including the band, and my nice new friends fed me dinner.

BTW, for those of you not camping or finding great people serving dinner in the parking lot...LCW has some Yummy food choices like the artichoke spread or Flatbread.

My newly acquired friends shared some really fun kayak locations, Told me about some of the best places to eat and shop in Lewiston, and we shared information so we can get together again.  For my next winery campground excursion or kayak trip to the area I will be sure to reach out to them.   And as usual, once we started talking,  we found that, of course, we have mutual friends.

I tucked myself into Bitsy for the night and in the morning Mike had done as promised and had run into town and brought us back Maple bars and the best bacon. You really can't go wrong with that combination.   

I reluctantly said good bye to my new friends but I had to hit the road.  At everyone's  recommendation I stopped at The Beakfast Club.

In Moscow.I had the verde omelet.  Whoa... Thanks everyone for the great recommendation!!!   Wow that is incredibly good.

I wanted to stop at Trader Joe's on the way home so I veered West and ended up going through the cute farming communities of Oaksdale, Garfield, and Palouse.  If you haven't wandered across the palouse in the springtime, get it on your list for a Sunday drive!

All in all this was a really fun bucket list to check off and I'm sure I will do it again!  For those of you who have asked,  I do use Harvest Hosts and that is how I found out I could camp here. So far I'm enjoying that app but I will let you know more as I use it more often.  Has anyone else been using it in the PNW?

For all pics and videos and what-not, please click on the FB and Instagram links. Thanks for hanging with me! If you go to any of these places, please tell them the Sightseeing Tipsy Gypsy send you! What’s on your bucket list?

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