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Day 8.... taking vacation seriously now..

Day 8 can be can be summed up in two into words. BEACH  and Buca di  Bacca. Does that count as 4?

After a long day at the beach ( finished bookclub book recommended by Alesa...Lessons in Chemisty...such a good book, check it out!!!!)   and lunch at Francescos Beach Bar we stopped at Buca to see if they could squeeze us in later that night.

My favorite waiter, Francesco, was so glad to see us back that he found us  great seats upstairs on the balcony so we could watch the moon come up and kids play soccer on the beach later that evening.   I'm sure he didn't mean to put out of of his area of service. Pretty sure. Lol.  

Panko dried scallops, stacked eggplant parmesan, so artistic for appetizers. I had beef stroganoff, yes, on the coast. Wanted to see if their stroganoff is good as back home.

Um... The description was a little wonky, "strips of beef and mushrooms in an acid sauce." Sounds fantastic. I finally realized that an acid sauce is a sour cream. Cream ruined by vinegar or acid. Duh. It was great, with one major difference. It does not come on pasta. Well hell, epic fail. The menu did say exactly what it was. Lol.

We enjoyed first a Brunello then an Amarino wine Tena introduced and educated us on.  Different but good!   We liked it!  She said they let the grapes dry like raisins before they make the wine,  which changes the flavor considerably.    Yummm... great food.   A must do in Positano is this restaurant.

Oh.   And we are the champions.  That is how our evening ended.   A wedding was taking place at the church below us and we are perched on our balcony in a natural amphitheater..... we crushed  that song from our balcony.   There's a video.   Let's hope it never finds the light of day. 

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