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Day 9...stairs, stairs, stairs

When you have a shortcut via private stairs down to the beach, you don't go the long way on purpose.  So today we did and walked all the way up the hill to see Positano.   Lucky for us,  there are stores all the way up the hill which made the jaunt less excruciating.  We ended up on the other side of the town on the mountain and could see our balcony and all of our unmentionables drying on the line.   Did I tell you before that it is common to have a washer here but no dryer?  So we do a load and then we have to hang up all of our clothes which are limited because we backpacked.  Interesting the luxuries we get used to,  like a dryer.

Also, on the note of being lucky Americans,  please be sure to relish and a few more things that are not always common here. First of all,  the showers are super tiny. I'm talking when you bend over to shave or pick something up,  you bump your butt into the wall or it sticks to the plastic curtain.  Great.   Also, if you think that toilet seats are a "must have"  don't be surprised when you come to Italy and in a five star restaurant there are none.  I am here to tell you that after doing stairs all day,  performing a squat is my least favorite thing in the world right now.

Anyway back to the hike... up,  up, up, dodging cars and more importantly the car mirrors from taking you out.  We have all almost had our toes run over at this point. 

Shopping and relishing the views and then we find the stairs down....over 220 stairs at last count...let's see...average flight of stairs in a commercial building...around 25.. so, huh.  9 flights of stairs down.  Back to Fornillo beach...and yep. .probably about 150 stairs back up to our room.  Aye Carumba.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Positano,  so we tried two more of our restaurants on the list.      Rada Beach for lunch.. built into the cliffside at sea level into a little cave alcove.   When we bit into the asparagus...Tena asked "why don't our veggies taste like this?"   A valid question.  Freshness. Sunshine. Salty air.   I don't think it can be duplicated. 

The nice young men who are the waiters there reminded  us that above  Rada is the dance club.  Oh yes, I wish I knew the word for cougars in Italian. I think the age bracket dancing at this club is just a little too young for us ladies.   Not to say there wasn't some consideration.  

Speaking of young people.... one of the casual observations we have noticed here is that for such an expensive destination,  there are a lot of very young people here vacationing.    I know I could not have afforded this at their age,  so we have been mystified.   However,  as the week went on and we watched these young people,  some with very small children,  speaking in all languages,  they do have something in common.    Their wedding rings are huge,  their watches are Rolex, their purses are Prada and even their t shirts are Dolce & Gabbana.    Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore.   These are the European  jet setters.    You would think they would understand the value of a toilet seat.    Pfft.

And finally,  last but certainly not least, we were able to get into Chez Black for dinner.  Tena,  Jan and I had pasta I think I had the best lasagna I've ever had. I had to send a picture home to Pierce and Abby.    Vicki has been taking advantage of the fresh seafood but every time she orders something she ends up working really hard for it,  having to crack shells, dig it out, etc.   She is getting a little frustrated with all the work she's putting in for her meals.   Lol. 

The décor is all turquoise and seascapes and they have fish pillows down the bench for the comfort of the patrons,  and to  the kids occupied.   The roof makes you think you are on the inside of a boat,  it's very cool.  We had a very friendly waiter who kept winking at us,  rubbing and squeezing my shoulder.

He gets off at ten he tells us.   No extra tip for him.   Lol.  Nice try.

On the way home we always stop at our favorite mini market to get some wine and snacks for our balcony.  On the plaza by the church there appeared to be some sort of concert.  We felt a little underdressed because the instructors were carrying swords and the kids were all carrying fighting sticks. Huh.  For some reason Tena and I took that as an invitation to sit down in the benches set up for family members to watch the show.   

There were a couple really great sword fights and some singing, a man without a shirt did some ballet... And they  did a great version of "under pressure".  They really do like playing Queen here.

A fabulous day 9!  Capri tomorrow!  La DolceVida!!!

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