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Fender bender...

I promise to get back to the Roman Food Tour when I have a moment.. but I must take this moment to admit to my traveling friends that

I stand corrected.

If you have seen Italians drive... you know it is with a bit of awe, fear, respect, amazement and pure disbelief. They weave, bob, zig, zag, and slide by each other with barely an inch to spare. I'm being generous..I can't measure.

Nobody seems to get upset and it all just works. I have assured my friends to relax when we are being driven... nothing is going to happen. They are truly amazing drivers.

My bad. On way to Positano...3 car fender bender... wouldn't you know it... we got to play. An adventure!

All is well.. but we bumped into car in front of us... who bumped into car in front of that... everyone jumps out, arms waving about, a bit of yelling... seemed like overkill to us.. just a tiny bump. I think they were all just as surprised as we were. The unfortunate part is that it is over 75 degrees and our driver left us in the van... the black van. Engine turned off, windows rolled up. Doors locked...gasp. Four menopausal age women. Now that's not funny.

Maybe a little. We finally got the attention of the powwow and our driver (awesome by the way) opened the door for us to let some air in while they all exchanged info. We were on our way within 15 minutes and got to Positano just as the sky opened up buckets. Our driver would not even let us out of the van until it died down... then rushed to hold umbrellas over our heads.

He apologized earnestly for the fender bender... So, it still happens, but based on their reaction, I'm guessing not that often.

Tip: wear your seat belt, hang on and don't panic

They got this!

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